Please keep in mind that shopping was done at the Save-Alot Everything is generic or off brand and I was only feeding one person. This relies heavily on eating leftovers for lunch and no snacking. It also assumes some things on hand—salt, pepper, oil and spice rack and condiments. This particular list comes in under $25, but you get the idea.

Day Breakfast Lunch Dinner Shopping List
Monday Banana, tea (leftovers from previous week) Black Bean “Chili”

and Rice

All three cans in pot and some cheddar cheese – reduce until desired consistancy

Divide in half reserving half for lunch on Tuesday

Rice $1

Can Black Beans .50

Can Tomatos with Chili .50

Can Corn. .50

block of cheddar cheese

7 Bananas $1.50

Box of tea bags $1


Tuesday Banana, Tea Leftovers from Monday night Italian Beans over Spinach

Divide in half reserving half for lunch on Wednesday

Can Great Northerns .50

Can Italian Diced Tomatoes .50

Bag/box frozen Spinach $1


Wednesday Banana, Tea Leftovers from Tuesday night Real Chili Night

only use ½ pkg of ground beef, ½ onion, ½ bell pepper

Serve over rice

1lb ground beef 2.50

Can kidney beans .50

Can diced tomato .50

1 small onion .50

1 bell pepper 1


Thursday Banana, Tea Leftovers from Wednesday night Pasta Night

use remaining ½ onion and pepper with tomato, garlic and oil to make a quick pan sauce.

This is enough for 3 meals for me!

1 box spaghetti .50

2 can diced tomatoes 1

garlic .25


Friday Banana, Tea Leftovers from Thursday Night Tuna Salad Tomato

Stuff tomato with tuna salad and serve over lettuce

1 can tuna .75

2 large tomato 1.50

1 head iceburg $1

Saturday Banana, tea Leftovers from Thursday night Cheeseburger Night

use other ½ lb of ground beef and left over cheese

Sleeping . . . Banana, tea Chicken Wings

and Salad

1 pckg Chicken Wings $2

Crystal Hot Sauce